Columbus Outdoor Pursuits - MidOhio Century Ride

Annual MidOhio Century Ride with COP - various routes available; budget tour.

Team Buckeye Training Ride - April 26, 2014

Please join us for a Saturday training ride with Team Buckeye and Cycling Club (launches from New Albany)

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Team Buckeye Training Ride - April 26, 2014

Team Buckeye Training Ride - April 26, 2014

Saturday, 4/26/2014 - New Albany Training Rides, 33 miles or 60 miles!


Welcome to Team Buckeye and Pelotonia 14

Riding for a cancer-free world!



Team Buckeye members have one goal:

End Cancer!

  • Team Buckeye officially debuted in 2011
  • Team Buckeye members raised $1.8 million in Pelotonia 11
  • Team Buckeye 2011 had 76 pelotons with 1,567 members
  • Pelotonia 11 raised $13.1 million
  • Team Buckeye members raised $2.2M in Pelotonia 12
  • Team Buckeye 2012 had 84 pelotons with 1,635 members
  • Pelotonia 12 raised $16.9 million
  • Team Buckeye members include faculty, staff, students, alumni, their family and friends
  • Team Buckeye 2013 is being led by Captain Shelley Meyer and Co-Captain Craig Krenzel

Ride! Virtual Ride! Volunteer!

Ride Pelotonia

Join thousands of other riders who share the same goal: end cancer. Select one of six routes ranging from 25 miles to 180 miles, each ride with a specific fundraising commitment level.


Ride Virtually

Virtual riders use the same fundraising strategies as riders and raise money for a great cause. Same goal: end cancer. Register with a $10 gift and there is no specific fundraising commitment.



Volunteers provide a variety of services leading up to the ride as well as during the weekend of the event. Pick a date and time commitment and join in the Pelotonia experience.

Show your colors


All Team Buckeye riders receive an official team jersey to show the Buckeye Nation's presence in Pelotonia!

Join Team Buckeye!

Rider Recruitment

Attend a rider recruitment information session and learn how you can participate in Pelotonia as a member of Team Buckeye or find out how to organize a recruitment session for your college or department.

Rider recruitment events

Captain training

Team Buckeye peloton captains can attend monthly meetings to learn more about fundraising, recruiting and the various resources available to Team Buckeye members.

Captain events


Promote your peloton events on this site, as well as through Facebook page and Twitter

To learn more about complimentary meeting space in James buildings for peloton meetings, please contact Tamra Brooks.

Take your peloton on a tour of The James or Biomedical Research Tower and see firsthand the work that is funded through Pelotonia. For more details, contact Team Buckeye.

Contact Team Buckeye


The Ride

Same Goal. End Cancer.

Columbus to Gambier's Kenyon College

Pelotonia 14

August 8-10, 2014


Riding in Pelotonia is an incredibly powerful experience. From the supporters along the route to the tireless volunteers to the inspiring patients, it’s amazing to see people come together for this one goal.

Doreen Agnese, MD, Surgical Oncologist and Thyroid Cancer Survivor
Pelotonia 09, 10, 11, 12 and 13

25 Miles

One-day ride, Saturday, August 9.

50 Miles

One-day ride, Saturday, August 9.

75 Miles

One-day ride, Saturday, August 9.

100 Miles

One-day ride, Saturday, August 9.

155 Miles

Two-day ride, Saturday and Sunday, August 9 and 10.

180 Miles

Two-day ride, Saturday and Sunday, August 9 and 10.


Riders from 38 states and 4 countries rode in Pelotonia 11

Ride Pelotonia

More than 6000 cyclists are expected to ride this year in Pelotonia 14, including cancer survivors and cyclists of all levels of experience. All will be passionate about funding cancer research. Registration is easy. Visit Pelotonia and click Register to get started. Here you can register as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer. Once you register for Pelotonia, make sure you connect yourself and your peloton to Team Buckeye - it's very easy to do.


Join Team Buckeye



Team Buckeye Student Riders

Instructions below apply to Team Buckeye Student Riders ONLY. If you are NOT a student rider, please go to Pelotonia to complete your registration.

General Information

All students of The Ohio State University are eligible to participate in Pelotonia as a member of Team Buckeye Student Riders (BSR) including individuals registered as full-time or part-time undergraduate, graduate or professional students. Student ID numbers will be used to confirm enrollment and ensure eligibility to participate as a member of BSR.

Student Rider Registration Guidelines

Team Buckeye Student Riders (BSR) is an official student organization of The Ohio State University and is open to all students according to the established guidelines for student organizations. Team Buckeye Student Riders participating in Pelotonia are members of Team Buckeye, Ohio State's super-peloton, and will receive benefits uniquely established for Ohio State students including lower fundraising minimums and a reduced registration fee.

PLEASE NOTE that in order to receive the discounted student registration fee and reduced fundraising commitment levels uniquely reserved for Ohio State students, you MUST join a BSR (Buckeye Student Rider) peloton.  The student discount cannot be used to join a non-student peloton.

New for 2014!
Complete student guidelines

The guidelines for all BSR members have been revised for Pelotonia 14 and are outlined in general below:

NEW Student Rider Registration


RETURNING Student Rider Registration




Team Buckeye is here to help

Bike and Gear


Bikes and Gear

Riding in Pelotonia is a commitment not only to raising funds for cancer research but also to getting on a bike and riding anywhere from 25 to 180 miles. Many local bike shops provide discounts to registered Pelotonia riders for bikes, equipment and accessories. For complete details, please visit Pelotonia's Gear Specials.

Used bikes?

Avid cyclists frequently upgrade their equipment and online resources such as Craig's List and eBay can be reliable sources for used bikes. As with any such purchase, "buyer beware". Workshops designed to guide buyers in using online resources are available to Team Buckeye members by contacting Larry Lewellen

Safety Information and Other Equipment

other equipment

Please visit Pelotonia's Safety section for helpful information on riding on open roads, items you'll need for the ride, bike maintenance and details on heat and hydration issues.

Event Planning 101

Event Planning 101

Organizing fundraising events may initially seem to be a daunting task but with careful planning and effective time management, events can raise money for your peloton and provide a fun social environment for your team and friends. Click here for some basic guidelines for planning an event for your team.



Training for a ride like Pelotonia is important no matter which route you choose, though tackling the two-day ride requires a much greater training commitment. Team Buckeye will hold several training events, including training rides and lectures on topics such as nutrition, proper bike fitting and bike mechanics. Please check out the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for upcoming training seminars and group rides.

Additionally, the Pelotonia website has detailed information on endurance training, nutrition, proper stretching and monthly training schedules to help you prepare for all distances. Learn more at Pelotonia.


Who can be a member of Team Buckeye?

Team Buckeye members include ...

May student employees join a department peloton?

Students may join department or unit teams ...

Am I automatically a member of Team Buckeye after I register for Pelotonia?

NO! After you register ...

Can a volunteer or virtual rider be a peloton member?

Yes! All volunteers and virtual riders ...

May students join?

Yes. Team Buckeye Student Riders is an official student organization ...

Is there a fundraising minimum for virtual riders or volunteers?

No. Both virtual riders and volunteers ...

Still have questions?
View Full FAQ list or Contact Team Buckeye



Team Buckeye Peloton Captains


You've stepped up and decided to captain a peloton. Now what? The primary focus of a Captain is to recruit members to join your peloton and to serve as the link between all of your team members, Team Buckeye and Pelotonia. A strong and vibrant peloton gives individual riders the benefit of sharing funds if needed, provides resources to organize fundraising events, and includes the camaraderie of training and riding partners. As a part of Team Buckeye, your peloton also benefits from the unique resources of this super-peloton.




How does my peloton join Team Buckeye?

The first step is to register your peloton at Once your team is activated, contact Karl Koon and request that your peloton be added to Team Buckeye. Your peloton is not automatically a member of Team Buckeye just because you've activated it for Pelotonia. You must take the step to register for Team Buckeye as well - we want every Buckeye to count!

How do I add members to my peloton?

After an individual registers for Pelotonia, he or she will receive a unique Rider ID number that identifies them as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer. Sign into your personal profile page and add the Rider ID number as instructed under the "Manage My Peloton" tab. Peloton captains must add all peloton members BEFORE Friday night's Opening Ceremony. Virtual riders and volunteers are encouraged to join a peloton and are added to the team roster in this exact same way.

Who can be a member of Team Buckeye?

Team Buckeye consists of riders, virtual riders and volunteers who are Ohio State University students, faculty, staff and alumni of The Ohio State University. Colleges, departments and units of Ohio State, all regional campuses and others associated with the Buckeye Nation are encouraged to participate as members of Team Buckeye. This also includes husbands, wives, partners and friends!

How can our peloton share funds?

There are two ways to share funds among peloton members:

  1. A peloton's team funds may be shared among individual peloton members who still need additional funds to reach their minimum fundraising commitment.
  2. An individual peloton member's funds in excess of his/her minimum fundraising commitment may be distributed to another peloton member who still needs additional funds to reach his/her minimum fundraising comitment.

A fundsharing report will be distributed to all Team Buckeye captains prior to the established fundraising deadline. The Team Captain completes the form and then returns it to Karl Koon. All Team Buckeye fundsharing reports are consolidated into a master report which is then sent to Pelotonia for the redistribution of funds. The Team Captain is responsible for the accuracy of the fundsharing report. All requests to share funds in either of these scenarios must be communicated to Pelotonia within seven (7) days after the fundraising deadline. Contributions made to the Team Buckeye super-peloton fund will be split evenly among all member pelotons of Team Buckeye if sufficient funds are in the super-peloton account NOTE: Distribution of Team Buckeye super-peloton funds to Team Buckeye member pelotons will depend on the total amount available in the super-peloton account. If the average amount available for distribution is less than $500 per team, the super-peloton funds will not be distributed.

Our peloton wants to hold a fundraising event on campus. Do we need to get permission first?

All University rules regarding fundraising events on campus apply to Pelotonia events. Once any required approvals are received from specific units, departments and/or facilities, please post your event on the Team Buckeye calendar.

Captain Contact Information

For general Team Buckeye questions or to register your peloton with Team Buckeye, contact Karl Koon, 614-293-9523.

To receive Team Buckeye recruitment and fundraising support brochures, posters, banners and more, contact Team Buckeye.

To receive Pelotonia marketing materials, contact Pelotonia through the website contact form, or call 614-221-6100.

To book complimentary space in James buildings for your peloton meetings, contact Tamra Brooks, 614-366-0172.

To get assistance in locating a pre-owned bike, contact Larry Lewellen.